Spiritual State of the Meeting – 2008

Nottingham Monthly Meeting continues to have many concerns related to our sense of size and feelings of loss. Our small size has resulted in an increased focus on maintanence issues, which may be detracting from more spiritually growthful opportunities. However, we recognize our need to find the energy to address our practical matters, nurture our spiritual growth, and take steps to ensure our vitality. We have a strong sense of community and have created a spiritually safe and open environment where members are able to share their spiritual journeys together.
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Interchange – Winter 2009

A number of us have been devoting an hour before worship once each month to consider the draft queries circulated by the Faith and Practice Revision Committee. In part, this is a response to the Committee’s request (2008 Advance Reports): “…we strongly urge each Meeting to gather in small groups, or as a whole for small meetings, to reflect and discuss the Advices, Queries, and Voices.” But, our prime motivation is the richness of the sharing – the insights we receive about our own faith and about one another — prompted by the drafts (there are now 16 in all).
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