Interchange – Spring 2010

By the time you read this, our record-setting winter will be fading in memory behind the onslaught of spring’s glories. But, we’ll continue to smile over one January First-Day following two of those big January storms. With our usual sidewalk shoveler out of town and uncertainty over whether the lot would be plowed in time, our Clerk canceled Meeting for Business but expressed hope that we could gather for worship. The first attender arrived around nine (delighted that the lot had indeed been plowed) and started in on one of our walks. More soon arrived and the scene began to resemble a snowy Pac-Man display as folks gobbled up the over 30 inches of packed snow from our various walks. This proved one of our best attended Meetings for Worship of the year. Dwindling attendance is an ongoing concern in our Meeting. But, when we remember that snowbound day in January, we give thanks for constancy, faith, mutual commitment, and grace.

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